About Nutritional Therapy

Who Can Benefit?

Would you like to learn how to optimise your health naturally?


I work with clients suffering from a wide range of chronic health complaints - but I have a particular interest in supporting people with autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. 

What's The Issue?

The roots of chronic health conditions often lie in poor gut health leading to nutritional insufficiencies, immune dysfunction and chronic inflammation. 


In addition, the approach I take considers genetics, emotional and physical stresses, toxic exposures plus hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances as potential drivers of ill health. 

Pumpkin Soup
Healthy Salad

How does it work?

We work together to identify key underlying imbalances in your body's systems. Specific functional tests of blood, urine, stool or saliva may be used as part of this process.

A personalised health plan is then agreed which uses targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes alongside natural supplementation if appropriate, to support the body to rebalance itself. Above all, the plan must feel manageable and fit into your life.

Your progress is monitored regularly and the program adjusted as necessary. Coaching strategies may be used to help with motivation.